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Remodeling Tips

Once, when we were at a past client’s holiday party, guests were amazed that we had been invited and on such good terms with the hosts. While this surprised some guests, it disappointed us that others had experienced difficulty, if not regrets, with their remodeling projects. To help you make your project the most agreeable and trouble-free it can be (since no project is without surprises), we include the following “tips for success”:

Fixed price:  both parties agree to a predetermined set price for the total project. 
Any changes, if applicable, are adjusted with:

1. A change order, if additional work is requested or required (for unforeseen issues such as termite damage, soil conditions, etc.) or

2. A credit, when an item is found to be unnecessary or deleted. Customers generally know from the beginning the total cost of the project (unless, of course, they add change orders).  Because of various unforeseen issues and risks, the contractor usually has to factor in a slightly higher cost to cover any contingencies or “What Ifs”.  This contract is available to clients with very detailed, fully accurate plans and specifications of materials and finishes for estimating purposes.  

Cost Plus:  customers agree to pay the cost of materials, labor, subcontractors, and any other costs related directly to the project plus a specified percentage to cover the builder’s overhead and profit. Customers get copies of all invoices that show exactly what was paid for every item. They can take advantage of contractor’s discounts and never wonder what kind of mark up the contractor is making.  Although we try to estimate costs as closely as possible with the initial proposal, total project costs can be subject to change and not accurately realized until the end of the project. This type of contract gives the customer much more flexibility to make changes, allowing decisions to be made as the project evolves. This contract is appropriate to certain situations such as very old homes with significant unknowns, or for customers who prefer more flexibility, transparency and control of the process.


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